Reannouncement Call for Proposals for Funding for INCT 2023 Scientific Research Projects

I. Call for Funding for INCT 2023 Scientific Research Projects
The National Institute of Science and Technology of Timor-Leste hereby announces the Call for INCT Scientific Research Project Funding for 2023.
In total, twenty five (25) Research Proposals (Studies) have been developed for the public, in various areas of knowledge, which are available in this document for consultation.

II. Application Period (deadline)
Between 07 March and 24 March 2023.

III. This advert is addressed to:
Applications may be submitted by professors, researchers and specialists in the respective scientific areas, of East Timorese nationality, preferably associated with higher education institutions and/or research centres, research departments, state institutions of a scientific nature, or companies linked to R&T in East Timor. The Principal Investigator will be the main coordinator responsible for the research project.
For more information, interested parties should consult the call announcement on the INCT website ( and download the three annexes that follow in the description. You should complete Annex III – Model Research Proposal with the help of Annex I and Annex II.
Alternatively, interested parties may go to the INCT premises for further information or contact the institution at: 78558055.

IV. Annexes in english:
Link 1: Reannouncement of INCT 2023 Scientific Research Projects
Link 2: Annex I – (PDF) Research Lines and Research Proposals INCT 2023
Link 3: Annex II – (PDF) Filling in Guide – Instructions and Examples
Link 4: Annex III (WORD) – Model of Research Proposal 2023

V. How to apply? Instructions

  1. it is necessary to consult the document Research Lines and Research Proposals 2023 (ANNEX I) and select a study proposal and its study reference.
  2. Fill in the Research Project Template (ANNEX III), according to the instructions that are in the Guide for Completing the Research Proposal (Annex II).
  3. Gather the required personal documents and the documents of the research team.
  4. Submit the application by e-mail and deliver the application in person at the INCT premises.

VI. Documents Required for Application
Applicants should gather the following documents:

  1. Duly completed and signed Research Project Template (Annex III).
  2. Curriculum Vitae of the Principal Investigator;
  3. ID card of the Principal Investigator;
  4. Qualification certificates of the Principal Investigator;
  5. Curriculum Vitae, Identity Card and Qualifications of each member of the research team.
  6. To deliver the application in person at the premises of the INCT.

VII. Application Formalization
Applications should be made in two ways:

  1. By email:
  2. Delivered directly to the premises of the INCT, with the appropriate reference, at the following address:

Instituto Nacional de Ciências e Tecnologia (INCT)
Avenida de Balide (Infordepe), Dili.
Contact details: Tel. (+670) 78558055.
For any queries or requests for further information you may contact us through the email addresses or through the available telephone contacts.

Dili, 07 March 2023