INCT meeting with UNESCO

INCT have a meeting with Director and Representative of UNESCO Office, Jakarta.

The meeting takes place in UN House Caicoli, Dili, Timor-Leste. President of INCT, Dr. Jose Cornelio Guterres lead the team of INCT to the meeting with UNESCO delegation.The meeting with UNESCO is to explore the possibility to initiate mutual cooperation with world’s pioneer for global education, social and cultural development.

In the same time, INCT also takes the chance to request UNESCO’s assistance to possibly support INCT by writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and code of conduct for ethic committee and evaluators for Ethic Department in INCT.

UNESCO delegation composed of Prof. Dr. Shabhaz Khan, Director and Representative of UNESCO Office, Jakarta, Dr. Ai Sugiura, Program Specialist Science Policy and Capacity Building at Office of Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific and Ms. Noella Poulson, Coordinator of UNESCO Antena in Dili, Timor-Leste.Meanwhile, INCT team composed of Dr. Jose Cornelio Guterres, President Executive Council, Mrs. Jacinta Guterres, Head of Ethic Department, Mr. Paul Henrique from Department of Social Science and Humanities, INCT.